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You can have a decently priced wedding in Las Vegas without using the drive- up window.  Of course, if that is what you want to use, then go for it! You are in Vegas after all, do what you want!  But if something a little more traditional is your goal, there are lots of affordable options in Las Vegas.  You can go to one of the many chapels and look at all of their affordable wedding packages.  Most chapels offer different packages depending on things like number of guests, what type of "extras" you want at the ceremony, and when you want to get married.  If simple and quick is your goal, you will find that getting married in Las Vegas is extremely easy and budget friendly. Find Las Vegas Wedding Packages today!


Once you have decided on a location and about how many people will be in attendance, you are ready to work on your package with the chapel.  Most chapels will offer their services for a limited amount of time and already have someone to do the ceremony on hand.  They usually offer you music, decorations, and possibly even flowers or cake if you choose to put that on your package.  You may even have a wedding photographer present.  All of these things can become quite affordable when you get them in a wedding package provided by the specific chapel. 


If a chapel wedding is just not for you, and you can't see yourself driving up to a window to get married quickly, you could also have a civil ceremony at the courthouse.  This will be very cheap and quick, giving you more time and money to enjoy all the entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.  You will be able to have a very small number of guests present as well.  In this case, you also do not have to pay a minister's fee, which you will have to pay at a chapel. Try Las Vegas Wedding Packages now!


If you are thinking of getting married in Las Vegas it is good to know that you can just "walk-in" to many wedding chapels and get married.  But if you know in advance you want to get married you can set a date, which will open up your options in wedding packages.  This will give you time to budget and will get you more personal attention with the chapel staff as they will be ready and waiting for you.  Your guests will then also be able to attend the wedding and enjoy everything the city has to offer during the wedding reception. More tips here: